WOD: 9-12-12

Ummm…what the hell is this?

Strength:  20 minutes to establish 1RM Hang Power Clean

WOD:  10 min AMRAP of:

10 Push Jerks (155/105)
12 Pull Ups
14 Calorie Row


Does my memory deceive me or are there not COLOR CODED LABELS for the jump ropes in the gym?  From what I recall, the labels are also labeled with PERMANENT MARKER INK so as to insure that mistakes are not made.  And yet the picture depicts that small, medium, and large jump ropes are mingling with one another.  If you are starting to think: “So what?  NBD…”, that’s cool, ironically that is how I feel about weighted Burpees as well so…NBD.  Please note that that picture could also be a sweat towel/adhesive bandage/athletic tape left behind.

As far as the strength goes, I would like to address that if your Hang Power Snatch was more than your regular Power Snatch, we have a lot of work to do for that should not be the case in any way.  If today you Hang Power Clean more than what you did in your Power Clean last week, you have even more work to do.  What happens is that because the hanging versions of the lifts are less mechanically and technically involved, you have a better chance for success.  Form needs to be drill more and the programming in October will reflect that.  Also let me take this opportunity to say that we will be following a very similar strength schedule for a long time coming.  I will be putting up a general schedule of what is to be expected in the coming weeks.

Keep it classy,



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